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The LIKED Raffle Tickets, which are double-sided and suitable for fundraisers, have received positive reviews from customers on Amazon. Many users appreciate the variety of colors offered, allowing for easy organization and differentiation between different raffle ticket batches. The quality of the tickets has also been praised, with customers noting the durable paper used in their production. Additionally, the perforation of the tickets is well-executed, making them easy to tear apart and distribute at events.

Customers have commented on the convenience of the LIKED Raffle Tickets for use in fundraising events. The tickets are described as affordable and functional, making them ideal for organizations looking to host raffles or other fundraising activities. Many users have found the tickets to be a great value for the price, making them a popular choice for events where multiple tickets need to be sold or distributed.

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L LIKED Raffle Tickets Double Rolls 1000 per Roll 50/50 Raffle Tickets for Events, Entry, Class Reward, Fundraiser & Prizes (Blue)

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The versatility of the LIKED Raffle Tickets has been highlighted in customer reviews, with users noting their suitability for various types of fundraisers. Whether used for school events, charity galas, or community gatherings, the tickets have been praised for their ease of use and professional appearance. Customers have also appreciated the large quantity of tickets included in each pack, ensuring that they are well-prepared for their fundraising needs.

The customer service provided by LIKED has also been positively reviewed by users purchasing the raffle tickets. Responsive and helpful, the company has been commended for addressing any concerns or issues promptly, resulting in a positive overall shopping experience for customers. This level of customer support has contributed to the high satisfaction levels reported by those who have purchased the tickets.

Overall, the LIKED Raffle Tickets have garnered favorable reviews from customers on Amazon, who appreciate their quality, affordability, and versatility for fundraising events. With positive feedback on the colors, durability, and perforation of the tickets, as well as praise for the company's customer service, these raffle tickets are a popular choice for organizations seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their fundraising needs.

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The LIKED Raffle Tickets is a set of double raffle tickets perfect for fundraisers, events, and parties. This product includes a total of 1000 tickets in 500 sheets, providing ample opportunity for organizing raffles and giveaways. The tickets are consecutively numbered, making it easy to track and draw winners. Each ticket is made from high-quality paper, ensuring durability and preventing easy duplication. With vibrant red and white colors, these tickets are visually appealing and will stand out in a crowd.

The LIKED Raffle Tickets are designed for easy tear-off, making it convenient for participants to keep their ticket stubs while submitting the other half for the raffle. These tickets feature a simple and practical design, allowing for quick and efficient organization of raffles and similar events. As a versatile product, these tickets can be used for various purposes such as charity events, school functions, church gatherings, and more. Whether you're hosting a large-scale fundraiser or a small community event, these tickets provide a professional and organized solution.

These raffle tickets measure 2" x 2" each, making them a convenient size for handling and distributing to participants. They are pre-drilled with a hole for easily attaching to clothing or accessories, ensuring that participants do not lose their tickets during the event. The tickets are securely glued, preventing accidental tearing and ensuring that each ticket remains intact until it is time for the raffle drawing. With a classic design and dependable construction, these raffle tickets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events.

Due to their high quantity and affordable price, the LIKED Raffle Tickets offer exceptional value for organizing multiple raffles or giveaways without worrying about running out of tickets. The double-ticket format allows for efficient drawing and monitoring of winners, streamlining the process for event organizers. These tickets are ideal for businesses, non-profit organizations, schools, and individuals hosting events that require raffles or giveaways. Overall, the LIKED Raffle Tickets provide a reliable and professional solution for managing raffles and similar activities with ease and convenience.

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