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The Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers on Amazon, with many praising the high quality and delicious taste of the pasta. The pack includes two popular pasta shapes, Rigatoni and Fusilli, which customers have found to be versatile and perfect for a variety of recipes.

Customers have raved about the texture of the pasta, noting that it cooks perfectly al dente and holds sauce well. The rigatoni and fusilli have been commended for their ability to retain their shape and not turn mushy when cooked, resulting in a satisfying eating experience every time. Reviewers have also highlighted the convenience of having two favorite pasta shapes in one package, making meal preparation quick and easy.

Barilla Al Bronzo Pasta Variety Pack with Penne Rigate, Mezzi Rigatoni & Fusilli (Pack of 6), Bronze Cut Pasta Created from a reserve batch durum wheat, Non-GMO, Kosher

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In terms of packaging, customers have appreciated the durability and convenience of the resealable bags. The bags make it easy to store any unused pasta, ensuring freshness and preventing spills. The compact size of the bags has also pleased customers looking for space-saving solutions in their pantry.

Many users have found the Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack to offer great value for money, as it provides two top-quality pasta shapes in one affordable package. The pasta's taste and versatility have made it a staple in many households, with customers praising its great quality for quick and delicious meals. Some have mentioned that the variety pack is a great way to try out different pasta shapes without having to purchase multiple packages.

Overall, the Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack has become a fan-favorite among pasta lovers for its high quality, delicious taste, and convenience. With its versatile pasta shapes, durable packaging, and affordability, this variety pack has earned a solid reputation for delivering a satisfying dining experience.

What does Barilla have to say about their product?

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The Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack is a special selection that includes two popular pasta shapes, Rigatoni and Fusilli. What sets these pastas apart is the unique bronze-cut process used during their production. This process creates a rough surface on the pasta, allowing sauces to adhere better and providing a more authentic Italian dining experience. In the pack, you will find two 13.25-ounce boxes of each shape, making it convenient to have a variety of pasta shapes on hand for different recipes and preferences. This pack is perfect for pasta lovers who enjoy experimenting with different shapes and textures in their dishes.

Barilla, a well-known Italian pasta brand with a history dating back to 1877, is behind this high-quality pasta variety pack. The brand has a reputation for providing authentic Italian pasta products made with only the finest durum wheat semolina. The Rigatoni and Fusilli in the Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack are produced with the same dedication to quality and taste that has made Barilla a household name in the pasta industry.

The Rigatoni pasta shape, with its ridged surface and large, hollow center, is ideal for holding sauces and trapping flavors in every bite. It pairs well with a variety of sauces, from creamy alfredo to hearty marinara. The Rigatoni in this variety pack is sure to become a favorite in your pasta repertoire, allowing you to create delicious dishes for any occasion. The Fusilli shape, with its corkscrew design, is perfect for holding creamy and chunky sauces in every twist. This shape is great for pasta salads, casseroles, and baked pasta dishes.

Whether you're preparing a classic Italian pasta dish or trying out new recipes, the Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack offers the perfect combination of Rigatoni and Fusilli to elevate your cooking. The unique bronze-cut process used in making these pastas ensures a more authentic and enjoyable dining experience. With the convenience of having both shapes in one pack, you can easily switch up your pasta dishes and impress your loved ones with a variety of delicious meals. Enjoy the taste and texture of authentic Italian pasta with the Barilla Bronzo Variety Pack.

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