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The Rowenta RH9638 cordless vacuum cleaner has received mostly positive reviews on Amazon.es, with customers praising its powerful suction and long-lasting battery life. Users appreciate that they can clean their homes thoroughly without interruptions, thanks to the vacuum's efficiency. The lightweight design and ease of use are major highlights, making it easy for customers to maneuver around their homes.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the vacuum's ability to clean different types of surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, and upholstery. The included accessories, such as the crevice tool and upholstery brush, are also well-received for their effectiveness in reaching tight spaces and removing dirt from various surfaces. Users find that the dust container is easy to empty and clean, adding to the overall convenience of using the vacuum.

Make cleaning a breeze with the Rowenta RH9638 vacuum's extra-long battery life.

Rowenta XForce Flex 8.60 Allergy Care RH9638 - Aspiradora escoba sin cable con gran potencia, batería extraíble de 22 V con hasta 35 minutos de autonomía, tubo flexible y sistema led en el cabezal

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Many customers appreciate the vacuum's versatility in transforming into a handheld vacuum for cleaning furniture, stairs, and car interiors. The LED lights on the vacuum head are praised for illuminating dark areas and ensuring a thorough cleaning. Customers also note that the vacuum's filtration system effectively traps dust and allergens, making it suitable for households with pets or allergy sufferers.

While some reviewers mention the need to empty the dust container frequently, especially when cleaning larger areas, and express concerns about the durability of certain components, such as plastic materials, these complaints are minor compared to the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the vacuum's performance and convenience.

In conclusion, the Rowenta RH9638 cordless vacuum cleaner receives high ratings for its powerful suction, long battery life, versatility, and user-friendly design. Customers appreciate its ability to clean different surfaces effectively and its convenience in transforming into a handheld vacuum. Despite some minor issues, the majority of reviewers are satisfied with the product and recommend it for efficient and effortless cleaning in various home settings.

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The Rowenta RH9638 is a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that offers convenience and powerful performance for effective cleaning in your home. It is equipped with a high-performance motor that delivers strong suction power to easily pick up dust, dirt, and debris from various surfaces. With its digital motor, this vacuum provides a thorough clean without the hassle of cords, making it simple to maneuver and clean hard-to-reach areas.

With a runtime of up to 75 minutes on a single charge, the Rowenta RH9638 provides long-lasting cleaning power to cover large areas without having to constantly recharge. It comes with a range of accessories, including a motorized brush, crevice tool, and upholstery brush, allowing you to tackle different cleaning tasks with ease. The motorized brush is especially effective for removing pet hair and tough dirt from carpets and rugs.

This vacuum cleaner is designed with a lightweight and ergonomic structure, making it comfortable to use for extended cleaning sessions without causing strain or exhaustion. Additionally, it has a wall mount for convenient storage and quick access whenever needed. The dustbin is easy to detach and empty, ensuring effortless and hygienic disposal of dirt and debris without creating a mess.

Featuring a powerful filtration system, the Rowenta RH9638 guarantees that the air it expels is clean and free from allergens, making it ideal for households with pets or allergies. Moreover, the vacuum can be effortlessly converted from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum for versatile cleaning applications, such as cleaning upholstery, stairs, and car interiors. In summary, the Rowenta RH9638 offers a blend of performance, convenience, and versatility to help you maintain a clean and dust-free home.

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