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Customers who have purchased the WANLIPO Dashcam have generally expressed satisfaction with its performance. They appreciate how easy it is to install and operate, with many finding the video quality to be clear and sharp. The G-sensor feature, which detects and saves important footage during accidents or sudden stops, has also been highly praised.

Reviewers have mentioned that the compact size of the dashcam does not obstruct their view while driving, which is a feature that many find convenient. The loop recording function, which automatically deletes older footage to make space for new recordings, has also been appreciated for ensuring the continuous use of the dashcam. The control buttons are described as user-friendly, allowing for easy access to different settings and functions.

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However, some users have reported durability issues with the dashcam, noting that it stopped working after a few months of use. Additionally, a few customers have had trouble with the playback feature, experiencing difficulties in viewing recorded footage on certain devices.

Despite these concerns, the WANLIPO Dashcam is still seen as a reliable tool for capturing driving experiences. Many users find it practical and effective in enhancing their driving experience and providing peace of mind on the road. The majority of customers have found the dashcam to be a valuable addition to their vehicle, offering functionality and ease of use.

Overall, while there have been some issues reported by a small number of users, the WANLIPO Dashcam has received mostly positive feedback for its performance and features.

What does WANLIPO have to say about their product?

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The WANLIPO Dashcam is a convenient car camera designed to enhance your driving experience and improve your safety on the road. With its high-quality 1080P resolution camera and wide-angle lens, this dashcam captures clear and detailed footage of your surroundings, providing you with a broad view of the road ahead. Its loop recording feature ensures that recording will not stop when the storage space is full, as it automatically overwrites the oldest footage.

A standout feature of the WANLIPO Dashcam is its built-in G-sensor, which detects sudden movements or impacts on the vehicle and locks the footage automatically to prevent it from being erased. This is especially beneficial in case of accidents or collisions, ensuring that critical footage is retained for evidence or insurance purposes. The dashcam also offers parking monitoring, alerting you to any motion or impact when your vehicle is parked.

The included remote control allows you to easily operate the dashcam without distracting you while driving. With the remote control, you can adjust recording settings, start or stop recording, take snapshots, or activate emergency recording mode with ease. Installation is simple, thanks to the sturdy suction cup mount that securely attaches the dashcam to the windshield.

The WANLIPO Dashcam supports up to 32GB of microSD memory card (not included), allowing you to store hours of footage before needing to transfer or delete files. The dashcam also features a USB port for effortless file transfer to your computer or other devices. Overall, the WANLIPO Dashcam is a reliable and user-friendly car camera that offers peace of mind while driving and captures important moments on the road.

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