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Customers generally rate the Mounting Accident Recording dash cam highly, giving it an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. They appreciate the variety of features it offers, such as loop recording, a G-sensor for impact detection, and parking mode. The video quality is considered good for its price point, with many users noting clear footage during the day and decent visibility at night. Users find the installation process easy, with the instructions provided being straightforward to follow.

Many reviewers like the compact size of the dash cam, making it less obtrusive when mounted on the windshield. They also praise its durability and sturdy build, noting that it performs well even in extreme temperatures. The motion detection feature is also well-received for its ability to capture unexpected events while the car is parked.

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Some users mention minor drawbacks, such as the limited field of view and occasional connectivity issues with the app. A few customers find the instructions lacking in detail, leading to confusion during setup. While most users are satisfied with the dash cam's performance overall, some express concerns about its long-term durability and the reliability of the recorded footage over time.

In general, the Mounting Accident Recording dash cam is popular among customers for its affordability, ease of use, and practical features. Many find it to be a dependable tool for capturing incidents on the road and providing added security while parking. With a solid rating and positive feedback on image quality and durability, this dash cam offers a cost-effective option for those seeking to improve their driving experience with added safety and protection.

What does DKK have to say about their product?

The dash cam is a cutting-edge device with a unique mounting design that allows for discreet installation behind the rearview mirror. It has the capability to record high-quality videos in both day and night conditions, thanks to its wide-angle lens that provides clear footage of the road ahead. In case of an accident, the camera automatically saves the footage using G-sensor technology. Additionally, it comes equipped with a parking detection feature that activates when the car is parked, enabling continuous surveillance and recording of any incidents that may occur.

This dash cam offers an array of useful functions, from loop recording to emergency video lock, ensuring that important footage is not accidentally deleted. The loop recording feature replaces old footage with new recordings automatically, while the emergency video lock function safeguards critical videos from being erased unintentionally. The built-in microphone allows for audio recording, capturing all aspects of any incident that may transpire.

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