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The dental hygiene formula created by dentists and available on Amazon France has garnered positive reviews from customers. Many users appreciate its effectiveness in improving oral health and keeping breath fresh. The absence of fluoride and the use of natural ingredients are also praised by customers. Users have noted that the formula helps in reducing plaque and gingivitis, ultimately leading to better overall mouth health.

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the pleasant taste of the product, making it a delightful experience to use daily. The product leaves users feeling clean and refreshed after use, contributing to a positive oral care routine. Customers also appreciate the convenient packaging and easy application, making the product accessible and suitable for regular use.

Restez confiant(e) et frais/fraîche grâce à la formule Breath Co élaborée par des dentistes renommés

The Breath Co - Bain de Bouche Sans Alcool - Formule développée par un dentiste - Haleine Fraîche pendant 12 heures* - Menthe Givrée, 500ml

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Many users have reported visible improvements in their dental health after consistent use of the product. The formula has been described as gentle on sensitive teeth and gums, providing effective cleaning without causing any irritation. Customers have also highlighted the value for money aspect, finding the product to be affordable compared to other dental care options.

Several reviewers have recommended the product for maintaining a healthy mouth and preventing common issues like bad breath and plaque buildup. The positive feedback emphasizes the product's ability to meet customers' expectations and deliver on its promises effectively. Overall, the product seems to have garnered a strong following among users seeking a reliable and natural solution for their oral hygiene needs.

What does Visiter la boutique The Breath Co. have to say about their product?

Breath Co's developed a mouthwash formula by a dentist that is available on Amazon.fr. This specialized mouthwash formula has been specifically designed to target the bacteria responsible for bad breath. It works deep within the mouth to eliminate the root causes of bad odor, providing a fresh and long-lasting breath.

This dentist-formulated mouthwash is highly effective in combating persistent bad breath issues. It is recommended for daily use to maintain fresh breath throughout the day. It is especially suitable for individuals dealing with regular bad breath problems, offering a quick and effective solution to restore pleasant breath.

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In conclusion, Breath Co's dentist-formulated mouthwash is a quality product that offers a reliable and effective solution to combat bad breath. Its advanced formula targets the bacteria responsible for bad odor, providing a fresh and long-lasting breath. Recommended for daily use, this product is valued for its efficacy in treating unpleasant breath effectively and quickly.

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