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Customers who bought the Camera Vision Built-in HD 170°Wide were satisfied with the product overall. Many users praised the clear image quality and wide-angle view provided by the camera. They also appreciated the effective night vision feature, which enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Some customers found the installation process easy and liked the user-friendly interface of the camera system.

However, there were some complaints about the product's durability, with a few users experiencing malfunctions shortly after purchasing. Some customers were disappointed with the lack of waterproofing, which could potentially lead to damage in wet conditions. Others found the motion detection feature to be too sensitive, causing false alarms.

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Dash Cam Front and Rear, Ultra HD 8K Dash Camera for Cars, Dash cam with Night Vision,Built-in Wi-Fi &GPS,3.16" IPS Screen,170°Wide Angle,WDR,Free 32GB SD Card,24 Hrs Parking Mode

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Despite these drawbacks, many customers felt that the Camera Vision Built-in HD 170°Wide was a worthwhile investment for enhancing their vehicle's safety and security. The product's affordability compared to similar options on the market was a major selling point for some users. The ability to monitor the rear view while backing up easily was also praised by many customers.

In conclusion, customers were generally pleased with the Camera Vision Built-in HD 170°Wide, appreciating its image quality, wide-angle view, and night vision capabilities. While concerns about durability, waterproofing, and motion detection sensitivity were raised, the overall value for the price was seen as positive by many users. If you're in the market for a cost-effective and efficient backup camera system for your vehicle, this product could be a solid choice based on the positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of driving in the dark with our innovative camera featuring night vision and a wide-angle lens designed specifically for automotive use. This camera is equipped with a 24 IR backup camera that automatically switches to night vision mode as soon as darkness falls, ensuring that you always have clear visibility in low light conditions. This not only makes driving at night safer but also makes parking a breeze, giving you the confidence to navigate even the trickiest spots with ease.

Our camera is built to last, with a waterproof and weatherproof design that ensures optimal performance in any climate. No matter the conditions outside, you can rely on this camera to provide a high-quality video feed that enhances your overall driving experience and promotes peace of mind. Plus, with its parking assistance feature, you can say goodbye to the stress of finding a parking spot. The wide-angle lens gives you a comprehensive view of your surroundings, helping you park with precision and avoid costly collisions.

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