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The reviews for Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive. Customers love how effective it is in providing insulation for their crafting projects, such as pot holders, oven mitts, and insulated bags. They appreciate how well it protects against heat and keeps surfaces cool, preventing burns. Many customers are impressed by the high-quality construction of the material, noting that it is durable and easy to work with even after multiple washes.

Users are also pleased with how versatile Insul-Bright is, mentioning that it can be used for various projects beyond just kitchen items. Some have used it for laptop cases, car seat covers, and to add extra insulation to quilts. The flexibility of the material and its ability to be easily cut and sewn to fit different sizes and shapes are highlighted by many reviewers, making it a great choice for DIY projects.

Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining -45" x 1 yard

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Many customers mention that they have bought Insul-Bright multiple times due to its consistent quality and performance. The affordability of the product is also praised, with many feeling that it offers great value for the price. Users appreciate that it provides excellent insulation without being bulky, resulting in professional-looking finished products.

The washability of the material is repeatedly mentioned as a key selling point, with customers reporting that it maintains its insulation properties even after multiple washes. Reviewers also highlight the durability of Insul-Bright, noting that it does not deteriorate over time. Overall, customers are satisfied with the longevity of Insul-Bright and find it to be a reliable choice for their crafting and sewing needs.

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Insul-Bright Needle-Punched Insulated Lining is a popular choice among crafters and DIY enthusiasts for creating heat-resistant kitchen accessories such as hot pads and oven mitts. Available on Amazon, this insulated lining material is designed to protect hands from burns and keep them safe while handling hot dishes. Made of batting material that is needle-punched through a reflective mylar sheet, Insul-Bright provides excellent thermal properties to help maintain the desired temperature of items being handled.

Crafters find Insul-Bright easy to work with due to its slightly stiff feel, which adds structure to the finished project. It does not require pre-washing and can be machine washed and dried without losing its effectiveness, making it a durable choice for kitchen accessories that need heat insulation. Sold by the yard, this material offers flexibility for various project sizes and shapes, allowing for customization based on individual preferences.

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