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Customer reviews for the Lippert Components 859792 Defender Slide-Out Room Slide Topper on Amazon are generally positive. Many customers appreciate the durability and ease of installation of the slide topper. They find that the high-quality materials and construction effectively protect their RV slide-outs from debris, leaves, and other elements.

Customers frequently mention that the slide topper offers good value for its price compared to other options on the market. They are pleased with the overall performance of the product and find the installation process to be straightforward. The sleek design of the slide topper is also an attractive feature for many users, enhancing the look of their RV.

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However, some reviewers faced challenges with the installation instructions, finding them unclear or incomplete. A few customers also had difficulty aligning the fabric properly during installation. Additionally, there were reports of the fabric tearing or wearing out over time for some users, necessitating replacement.

Despite these issues, the majority of customers are satisfied with the performance and value of the Lippert Components slide topper. They find that it effectively protects their RV slide-outs and helps keep their vehicles clean. Overall, the reviews indicate that the Lippert Components 859792 Defender Slide-Out Room Slide Topper is a popular choice among RV owners seeking reliable and durable protection for their slide-outs.

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The Lippert Components 859792 Defender RV Surge Protector comes highly recommended for safeguarding your RV's electrical system from power surges, spikes, and low voltage situations that could potentially damage your vehicle. This surge protector is designed to constantly monitor campground power and automatically cut off power to your RV if any issues are detected, giving RV owners peace of mind. It offers comprehensive protection with features like surge protection, reverse polarity protection, open neutral protection, and low voltage protection, ensuring your RV is shielded from electrical harm.

A standout feature of the Lippert Components 859792 Defender RV Surge Protector is its easy-to-read digital display which provides real-time information on voltage, amp draw, and faults. This allows users to easily identify any potential electrical issues at a glance. Additionally, the surge protector includes an audible alarm that alerts users to any power problems, making it simple to stay on top of your RV's electrical system status. This user-friendly design ensures that even those with limited technical knowledge can effectively monitor and maintain their RV's electrical health.

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