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The T21 smart multicooker has received mainly positive reviews on Amazon.fr. Customers are pleased with its versatility and the variety of pre-programmed cooking modes it offers. The ability to schedule a delayed start time and keep food warm after cooking are also features that have been praised by many users. The multicooker is said to be easy to clean and operate, making it a convenient addition to the kitchen.

The quality of the construction and materials used in the T21 multicooker has been highlighted by several reviewers, with some mentioning its sturdy and durable feel. Users are happy with the cooking performance of the multicooker, noting that it cooks food evenly and quickly. Many customers have mentioned that the multicooker is a time-saving tool that simplifies meal preparation, especially for busy households.

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Proscenic T21 Friteuse à air, Friteuse sans huile, 5,5L AirFryer, écran LED tactile, Commande intelligente par APP&Alexa, 8 Programmes prédéfinis/ Multiples Recettes/Minuteur / Préchauffage

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The intuitive interface of the multicooker has been appreciated by users, as it makes it easy to switch between different cooking modes and settings. The compact size of the T21 multicooker has also been positively mentioned, as it doesn't take up much counter space. However, a few customers have noted that the multicooker can be noisy during operation, which may be a drawback for some individuals.

Although most reviews are positive, some customers have encountered issues with the T21 multicooker, such as malfunctions or errors in the display. A few users have also suggested that the instruction manual could be more detailed and user-friendly. Despite these issues, the T21 smart multicooker remains a popular choice for customers seeking a versatile and convenient cooking appliance for their kitchen.

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The T21 intelligent multi-function rice cooker is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. It offers convenience and versatility in cooking various dishes with just the touch of a button. This rice cooker is designed with intelligent cooking technology that automatically adjusts cooking time and temperature for perfect results every time. The preheating function ensures that your food is cooked to perfection, with the right texture and taste.

This rice cooker comes with 16 pre-set cooking programs, including options for white rice, brown rice, porridge, soup, and more. These programs make it easy to prepare a wide variety of dishes without the need for manual adjustments. The delay timer function allows you to plan your meals up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have freshly cooked food whenever you need it.

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Overall, the T21 intelligent multi-function rice cooker is a convenient and practical kitchen appliance that simplifies meal preparation. Its user-friendly design and compact size make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, helping you save time and effort in the kitchen.

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