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The reviews for the Jegehoyo RO4825EA and RO4871EA vacuum cleaners on Amazon.fr are mostly positive. Customers are impressed with the strong suction power, which effectively cleans both carpets and hard floors. Many users also find the vacuum lightweight and easy to maneuver. The included attachments are versatile and great for reaching tight spaces and different surfaces.

Overall, customers are pleased with the vacuum cleaner's performance and functionality. However, some users mention concerns about the durability of the vacuum, with a few experiencing malfunctions after some use. There are also complaints about the noise level being louder than expected. Despite these issues, many customers still believe that the vacuum offers good value for its performance and features.

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Jegehoyo Filtre Hepa pour Rowenta Compact Power XXL RO4825EA RO4871EA RO4855EA RO4881EA RO4811EA RO4823EA RO4826EA aspirateur Remplace le modèle ZR78000 (4 filtres, 1 brosse de nettoyage)

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The ease of use of the Jegehoyo vacuum cleaner is highlighted in reviews, with customers praising its simple assembly and intuitive design. The dustbin capacity is sufficient for most users, and the bagless feature is convenient. The filtration system effectively captures dust and pet hair, leading to cleaner air in the home. Additionally, the vacuum's compact size makes it easy to store in smaller living spaces.

Several reviewers appreciate the excellent customer service provided by Jegehoyo, noting the prompt responses to inquiries and issues. Customers value the company's willingness to address concerns and provide solutions. Overall, the positive feedback on the vacuum cleaner's performance, design, and customer service makes it an attractive option for those seeking a reliable and affordable cleaning solution.

What does Marque : Jegehoyo have to say about their product?

L'aspirateur Jegehoyo RO4825EA-RO4871EA est un appareil de nettoyage polyvalent et performant qui vous offre une aspiration puissante sur toutes les surfaces de votre maison. Sa technologie de filtration avancée capture efficacement les particules de poussière et les allergènes, améliorant ainsi la qualité de l'air intérieur pour vous et votre famille.

Avec ses nombreux accessoires pratiques, cet aspirateur facilite le nettoyage de tous les types de sols, de tapis, de meubles et même des endroits difficiles d'accès. Son sac à poussière de grande capacité vous permet de collecter plus de débris sans avoir à le vider fréquemment, ce qui rend le processus de nettoyage plus efficace et rapide.

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Son design ergonomique et ses roues pivotantes facilitent le déplacement de l'aspirateur, lui permettant d'atteindre tous les coins et recoins pour un nettoyage en profondeur. Enfin, son cordon d'alimentation extra-long vous offre une grande liberté de mouvement pour un nettoyage complet et efficace de votre intérieur.

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