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The Raxon Innovation Multipurpose Dishwashing Sponge has garnered a mix of reviews from customers on Amazon.in. Many users have found the sponge to be durable and gentle, making it suitable for various cleaning tasks. Some have appreciated its size and shape, which makes it convenient for washing dishes and cleaning different surfaces. Others have praised its ability to effectively tackle tough stains without causing damage.

However, some customers expressed concerns about the overall quality of the sponge, noting signs of wear and tear after just a few uses. Several reviewers mentioned issues like the sponge falling apart or losing its shape over time, which impacted its cleaning performance. Additionally, some found the sponge to be less absorbent compared to similar products.

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Raxon Innovation Pack of 6 Multipurpose Wire Dishwashing Rags for Wet and Dry Stainless Steel, Scrubber Non-Scratch Wire Dishcloth for Washing Dishes Sinks Counters (20cm x 20cm x 0.5cm)

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Another common feedback was about the pricing of the Raxon Innovation sponge. While many felt they received good value for money, some believed the product was slightly overpriced considering its quality and performance. They believed there were more affordable options available that provided similar or better cleaning results.

On a positive note, many customers appreciated the eco-friendly attributes of the sponge, such as its biodegradability and recyclability. The non-toxic nature of the sponge was also well-received, providing reassurance when using it on surfaces that require thorough cleaning.

In conclusion, the Raxon Innovation Multipurpose Dishwashing Sponge offers a mix of positive and negative attributes according to customer reviews. While some appreciate its durability, gentleness, and eco-friendly features, others have raised concerns about its quality, absorbency, and pricing. Potential buyers may want to consider these factors when deciding if the sponge aligns with their cleaning needs and preferences.

What does Raxon Innovation have to say about their product?

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The multipurpose dishwashing brush from Raxon Innovation is a handy tool designed to make kitchen cleaning tasks a breeze. With its durable construction and efficient cleaning capabilities, this brush is perfect for tackling a variety of kitchen chores. Whether you're washing dishes, glasses, pots, pans, or other kitchenware, this brush's tough bristles can handle dirt and grease while still being gentle on delicate surfaces, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

What sets this dishwashing brush apart is its user-friendly design. The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, making it easy to use for extended periods without causing discomfort. The handle's design provides maximum control and maneuverability, allowing you to reach even the most challenging spots with ease. Plus, the non-slip feature ensures safety during use, giving you peace of mind while cleaning.

Beyond dishwashing, this brush is versatile enough to be used for various household cleaning tasks. From scrubbing countertops and sinks to cleaning stovetops and bathroom tiles, this multipurpose brush is a valuable addition to any cleaning arsenal. Its high-quality construction ensures that the bristles maintain their shape and effectiveness over time, providing consistent cleaning performance with each use.

Furthermore, the brush is easy to clean and maintain, guaranteeing hygiene and longevity. With its durability, efficiency, and versatility, the Raxon Innovation multipurpose dishwashing brush is a reliable tool for keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic. Say goodbye to tough stains and stubborn grime – this brush is here to make your cleaning chores a whole lot easier.

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