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The NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover has garnered a range of reviews on Amazon, both positive and negative. Many customers have praised its ability to effectively eliminate scratches from plastic surfaces, leaving them looking polished and new. Users appreciate the user-friendly nature of the product, along with clear instructions that make the process hassle-free. The impressive results have left many reviewers satisfied, noting how their scratched items have been restored to a like-new condition.

On the other hand, there are critical reviews of the NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover as well. Some users have mentioned that the product did not perform as well as expected, with scratches still visible even after application. It seems that the remover may be more suited for surface-level imperfections rather than deeper or more severe scratches, which has led to disappointment for some consumers.

NOVUS-PK1-8OZ-PM | Plastic Clean & Shine #1, Fine Scratch Remover #2, Heavy Scratch Remover #3, and Extra Polish Mates Pack | 8 Ounce Bottles

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In addition to concerns about effectiveness, there have been comments about the size of the bottle. Some users feel that the 8oz bottle may not be sufficient for larger projects or multiple applications, which has left them feeling that they did not receive enough value for the price paid.

Unfavorable feedback also includes mentions of a strong chemical smell that emanates from the NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover upon use. This has raised concerns for some consumers who are sensitive to such scents or who simply prefer a more pleasant application experience.

Overall, reviews for the NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover are mixed, with positive comments on ease of use and results contrasting with complaints regarding effectiveness, bottle size, and smell. Potential buyers should consider these factors before deciding to purchase based on the feedback from existing customers.

What does NOVUS have to say about their product?

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The NOVUS 8 oz. Plastic Scratch Remover Kit is a popular choice among customers on Amazon looking to eliminate scratches from plastic surfaces. This kit includes three powerful NOVUS polish bottles: #1 Clean & Shine, #2 Fine Scratch Remover, and #3 Heavy Scratch Remover. It is suitable for various plastic materials like acrylic, fiberglass, Lexan, Lucite, and Plexiglas. The three-step process ensures that different types of scratches, from minor scuffs to deeper gouges, can be effectively treated to restore the surface to its original condition.

These NOVUS products are specially formulated to remove scratches without causing further damage to the surface. #1 Clean & Shine cleans and polishes the plastic surface, preparing it for the following steps. #2 Fine Scratch Remover helps to eliminate surface scratches and blemishes, giving the surface a smoother appearance. Finally, #3 Heavy Scratch Remover deals with deeper scratches and discoloration, providing a comprehensive solution for restoring plastic surfaces.

The NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover Kit comes in convenient 8 oz. bottles, making the application process easy and hassle-free. Users can apply the products by hand or with a machine, depending on the severity of the scratches. The compact size of the bottles allows for easy storage and reusability, ensuring that the kit can be used multiple times. With regular use of the NOVUS products, plastic surfaces can be kept looking pristine and free of unsightly scratches.

Customers who have used the NOVUS kit have left positive reviews, praising its effectiveness in restoring various plastic items like car headlights, motorcycle windshields, and acrylic furniture. The kit offers a cost-effective solution for DIY scratch removal, saving users from expensive professional repairs. Overall, the NOVUS Plastic Scratch Remover Kit is a reliable and user-friendly option for maintaining the quality and appearance of plastic surfaces.

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