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Customers who bought the Krovtoy automatic chicken coop feeder on Amazon.fr expressed varied opinions about the product. Some were satisfied with the feeder's durability and ease of use, noting that it saved them time and ensured their chickens were consistently fed. They particularly liked the automatic timer feature which prevented pests from accessing the feed.

However, some customers encountered issues with the feeder's functionality, mentioning unclear instructions and improper food dispensing. Several customers reported motor malfunctions shortly after purchase, resulting in the feeder completely breaking down. They were disappointed with the product's quality and had to find other ways to feed their chickens.

Krovtoy Porte poulailler Automatique 4 modes de contrôle Autonomie de 6 mois et 3 options d'alimentation Porte à Volets Compatible et Facile à Installer (Portes non incluses)

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A number of customers appreciated the feeder's size, mentioning that it was suitable for a small flock of chickens and helped in maintaining a tidy coop. They also found it easy to assemble and install, saving them time and effort. Some customers liked that the feeder could accommodate different types of feed, making it versatile for varying dietary requirements.

Conversely, some customers felt that the feeder wasn't suitable for larger chicken breeds or flocks as it couldn't hold enough feed for sustained periods. They also observed that the plastic components were not durable enough to withstand rough handling or harsh weather conditions, resulting in breakages and malfunctions over time. These customers were dissatisfied with the feeder's performance and longevity.

In conclusion, the Krovtoy automatic chicken coop feeder received mixed feedback from customers on Amazon.fr. While some found it durable, easy to use, and appropriate for small chicken groups, others faced issues with functionality, capacity, and durability. Customers with larger flocks or those seeking a more robust and long-lasting feeder may need to explore alternative options.

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The Krovtoy Automatic Chicken Feeder is a modern and convenient solution for ensuring your chickens are always well-fed and healthy. This innovative feeder automatically dispenses food at set intervals, taking the hassle out of manual feeding and saving you valuable time and effort. With the ability to work with various feed types, it caters to a wide range of chicken nutritional requirements.

Installation and operation of the Krovtoy feeder are a breeze, making it suitable for chicken owners of all levels of experience. Its user-friendly design allows for easy setup and programming, and its large capacity means less frequent refills and a consistent food supply for your feathered friends. This ensures your chickens always have access to food, even when you can't be there to feed them.

Built to withstand outdoor conditions and the pecking of chickens, the feeder is durable and weather-resistant. Its sturdy construction ensures it can handle the rigors of daily use in a chicken coop or outdoor setting, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for feeding your flock.

The transparent design of the Krovtoy Automatic Chicken Feeder allows you to easily monitor feed levels and ensure your chickens are getting the nutrition they need. This transparency also makes it simple to see when the feeder needs refilling and maintain a consistent feeding routine. Overall, the feeder promotes efficiency and convenience in chicken care, streamlining the feeding process and ensuring your chickens are well looked after.

In conclusion, the Krovtoy Automatic Chicken Feeder is a practical and efficient tool for keeping your chickens healthy and well-fed. Its automatic feeding capabilities, durability, and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any chicken owner's setup, simplifying chicken care and providing a reliable food supply for your flock.

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