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The Camco 22793 TastePURE Freshwater Hose has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, with customers praising its durability and quality. Many users noted that the hose is resistant to kinking, bending, and punctures, making it a reliable choice for their RV or camping needs. The 5/8 inch diameter of the hose was highlighted for providing a strong water flow, while its flexibility made it easy to handle and store without taking up too much space.

Customers also appreciated the efficiency of the hose in delivering clean and safe drinking water, without any plastic or chemical taste. The UV protection feature was mentioned as a valuable addition for preventing sun damage and extending the hose's lifespan. Reviewers found the hose easy to connect to different water sources and fittings, with a leak-proof design ensuring a steady water flow. The construction and materials of the hose were commended for their ability to withstand various weather conditions and maintain performance over time.

Upgrade your RV hose to the Camco TastePURE Freshwater Hose for reliable water supply

Camco TastePURE 50-Ft Water Hose - RV Drinking Water Hose Contains No Lead, No BPA & No Phthalate - Features Diamond-Hatch Reinforced PVC Design - 5/8” Inside Diameter, Made in the USA (22793)

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The compatibility of the hose with water filters and pressure regulators was noted by users, along with its effectiveness in maintaining water freshness without any odors or contaminants. Many customers found the hose to be affordable in comparison to its quality and functionality, making it a popular choice for outdoor water needs. The different length options offered flexibility for various setups and travel preferences, enhancing convenience for users.

While some users mentioned issues with rolling up the hose for storage due to its stiffness, as well as challenges with detaching it from water sources, these concerns were minimal compared to the overall satisfaction expressed in the reviews. The Camco 22793 TastePURE Freshwater Hose received high ratings for its performance, durability, ease of use, and value for money, making it a top choice for individuals seeking a reliable water hose for their outdoor activities.

What does Camco have to say about their product?

The Camco 22793 TastePURE Freshwater Hose is a durable and high-quality option for safe drinking water consumption during outdoor activities like camping, RVing, or gardening. Made from reinforced PVC material, the hose is free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalates, and lead, ensuring that the water remains fresh and clean. Its UV-stabilized construction makes it perfect for outdoor use in various weather conditions.

With a length of 5 feet and a 1/2-inch diameter, this hose provides a strong and consistent water flow for efficient water supply. Equipped with machined fittings and a strain relief end, it offers a secure and leak-proof connection to the water source and accessories. Its compatibility with standard garden hose connections makes it easy to set up and use with existing water systems or hookups, while its flexibility and maneuverability make it convenient to use in tight spaces or when connecting to different water sources.

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