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The Big Joe Noodle Pool Float has garnered enthusiastic reviews on Amazon, with customers raving about its durability and comfort. Many users praised its sturdy construction, mentioning that it can withstand rough handling and repeated use without showing signs of wear and tear. The float's material received high marks for being plush and cushioned, offering a cozy lounging experience in the pool.

Reviewers also highlighted the versatility of the Big Joe Noodle Pool Float, noting that it serves multiple purposes such as lounging, floating, and even aiding in water workouts. Some customers mentioned using it for relaxation, while others incorporated it into their exercise routines for added support and resistance in the water. The float's ability to adapt to various uses was a major selling point for many users.

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The convenience of the Big Joe Noodle Pool Float's design was also mentioned frequently in the reviews. Customers appreciated its lightweight construction and easy portability, making it simple to inflate and deflate for storage or transport. The compact size when deflated was another feature that users found practical and convenient.

While the majority of reviewers were satisfied with the Big Joe Noodle Pool Float, some cautioned that it may not be the most suitable option for larger individuals due to its narrowness and potential flimsiness. However, overall consensus was that the float is a great choice for adults and children alike, offering a fun and comfortable way to enjoy the pool. Users recommended the product as a reliable and versatile option for enhancing the poolside experience.

What does Big Joe have to say about their product?

The Big Joe Noodle Pool Float is a fantastic addition to your pool or beach relaxation routine. Shaped like a traditional pool noodle, this float is covered in a waterproof coating that makes it perfect for water use. The thick foam material is both durable and buoyant, providing a comfortable and supportive surface for lounging and floating in the water. Its lightweight design makes it easy to transport, allowing you to bring it with you on your next vacation or to the local swimming pool for a day of fun in the sun.

Available in a range of bright and fun colors, the Big Joe Noodle Pool Float lets you choose a style that suits your personality or matches your swimwear. At 48 inches long, there's plenty of space for both children and adults to enjoy. The soft foam material is gentle on your skin, ensuring hours of comfortable relaxation on the water.

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