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The Meryado Foldable Waterproof Carrier with Removable Sunshade has garnered positive feedback from customers on Amazon.ca. Users have expressed satisfaction with the carrier's sturdy construction, noting the high-quality materials used in its making. The waterproof feature has also been praised for its effectiveness in keeping pets dry during walks in the rain. Customers have appreciated the carrier's design and versatility, particularly the removable sunshade, which adds an extra layer of protection for pets.

The carrier's user-friendliness has been highlighted by many reviewers, with its collapsible design being particularly convenient for storage and travel. Adjustable shoulder straps and a padded interior have been commended for providing comfort for both the pet and the wearer. Safety features like sturdy zippers and a leash clip inside the carrier have been well-received for ensuring pets remain secure during transport.

Meryado Foldable pet Pen, Puppy Pen, 91 * 91 * 58CM,pet Tent with Foldable pet cage for Indoor/Outdoor use with Waterproof and Removable Sunshade for Dog/cat/Rabbit/pet (Pink)

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Customers have noted that the carrier is suitable for a variety of pets, including cats, small dogs, and rabbits. Its spacious interior and breathable mesh windows create a comfortable and secure environment for pets while on the move. Many users have observed that their pets seem to enjoy being in the carrier and are relaxed during outings.

While some customers found the assembly process a bit challenging initially, they have mentioned that the carrier is stable and reliable once set up. The carrier's ability to be worn as a backpack or used as a handheld carrier has been appreciated by pet owners seeking a versatile transportation solution. Overall, the Meryado Foldable Waterproof Carrier with Removable Sunshade has been well-received for its design, durability, comfort, and functionality, making it a popular choice for transporting pets on various occasions.

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The Meryado Foldable Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover with Removable Sunshade is a convenient solution for pet owners who frequently travel with their furry companions. This versatile car seat cover is designed to protect your vehicle's seats from pet hair, dirt, scratches, and messes while ensuring your dog's comfort and safety during car rides. Made from high-quality, waterproof material, this cover is easy to clean, helping you maintain a clean and odor-free car interior.

A standout feature of this car seat cover is its removable sunshade, providing your dog with protection from sunlight and keeping them cool during long drives. The sunshade can be easily attached or removed, allowing you to adjust the level of shade based on your dog's needs. With sturdy straps and buckles, the cover stays in place on most car seats, preventing any slipping or sliding during the journey.

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