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Customer reviews for the BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock vary in opinion, but overall, the product seems to be well-received. Many customers appreciate the durability and sturdiness of the kennel, noting its well-made construction. The sunblock material is also praised for effectively providing shade and protection for pets. Additionally, users find the kennel easy to assemble, making it convenient for quick setup.

However, there are some concerns mentioned by a few customers regarding the size of the kennel. They feel that it is smaller than expected, which may be an important factor to consider for those with larger pets or specific space requirements. Some reviewers also mention issues with the stability of the kennel, noting that it may not hold up well in strong winds or harsh weather conditions.

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BNOSDM Outdoor Dog Kennel Cover 10 x 10ft Black Mesh Sunblock Shade Cloth for Outside Large Pet Dog Cage Crate Playpen, Garden and Greenhouse Canopy Covers with Grommets

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Despite these mixed reviews, the majority of customers are satisfied with the BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock for its intended purpose of offering a shaded outdoor space for pets. They find it useful in providing a comfortable and protected area for animals to rest and play. The affordability of the product is also highlighted by many buyers, making it a cost-effective solution for pet owners looking to create a safe outdoor environment.

While there are some concerns raised about size and stability, the overall consensus is positive regarding the durability, sunblock material, and ease of assembly of the kennel. For pet owners looking for a practical and budget-friendly solution for a pet kennel with sun protection, the BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock seems to be a popular choice based on customer reviews.

In conclusion, the BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock appears to be well-received by customers, with many appreciating its quality, effectiveness, and value. Individual preferences and needs, such as size requirements and weather conditions, should be taken into consideration before purchasing this product to ensure it meets expectations.

What does BNOSDM have to say about their product?

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The BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock is a durable and versatile outdoor shelter for pets, designed to protect them from harsh weather conditions. It's perfect for use in yards, patios, or gardens, providing a safe and comfortable space for pets to relax and rest. Built with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, this kennel ensures long-lasting durability even in challenging outdoor conditions.

What sets this kennel apart is its unique sunblock design, which shields pets from harmful UV rays on sunny days. The breathable mesh walls allow for ventilation and airflow, preventing pets from overheating and creating a cool environment for them to enjoy. Additionally, the kennel comes with a removable cover for added protection against wind, rain, and other elements, making it a versatile and practical outdoor shelter option.

Setting up the kennel is quick and easy, requiring no special tools. Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient to move around, providing flexibility for pet owners. Available in various sizes, the kennel can accommodate pets of all breeds and sizes, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment for animals.

In summary, the BNOSDM Kennel Sunblock is a reliable and functional outdoor shelter for pet owners looking to create a safe and comfortable space for their furry friends. With its durable construction, sunblock feature, and easy assembly, this kennel is a practical choice for enhancing the outdoor living space for pets. Whether in a backyard, patio, or garden, this kennel offers a convenient solution for pet owners to give their pets a cozy outdoor retreat.

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