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The AcnA Fitness Bluetooth Waterproof Smartwatch P8 in orange has received a mix of reviews on Amazon UK. Customers appreciate the stylish design of the watch, particularly the vibrant orange color and comfortable feel. They find the Bluetooth connectivity convenient for quick pairing with smartphones for notifications and call alerts. However, some reviewers mentioned the limited battery life as a drawback, necessitating frequent charging.

Many users find the fitness features of the AcnA smartwatch beneficial, such as step tracking, calorie monitoring, and heart rate measurement. The accuracy of these fitness metrics was praised in multiple reviews, making the watch a useful tool for tracking health and fitness goals. The waterproof feature was also highlighted as advantageous for those engaging in water activities or workouts.

AcnA Fitness Tracker Bluetooth Smart Watch for Men Women, with Monitor of Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen, Sleep Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smartwatch-P8 (ORANGE)

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On the downside, a few customers expressed concerns about the durability of the AcnA Smartwatch P8. Some reported malfunctions or breakages after a short period of use, indicating a possible quality control issue that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer.

Despite the durability concerns, most reviewers agree that the AcnA Smartwatch P8 offers good value for its price. Many appreciate its affordability compared to similar models, making it a suitable option for those looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch with basic fitness tracking capabilities. Overall, the AcnA Smartwatch P8 in orange is considered a decent choice for users looking for a stylish and functional device to monitor their daily activity and health stats. Despite its flaws, the smartwatch remains a popular choice for many for its attractive design, useful features, and budget-friendly price point.

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The AcnA Fitness Bluetooth Waterproof Smartwatch P8 ORANGE is a versatile smartwatch designed for fitness tracking and everyday use. Its sleek and stylish design, in a vibrant orange color, makes it a fashionable accessory for both casual and athletic settings. The smartwatch is waterproof with a rating of IP67, allowing you to wear it during showers or swimming without worry.

This smartwatch offers a wide range of fitness tracking features, including step counting, distance tracking, calorie monitoring, and heart rate monitoring. It also includes a sleep tracking feature to help you analyze your sleep patterns and improve your overall sleep quality. With the ability to track various fitness metrics, this smartwatch can assist you in setting and achieving your health and fitness goals. The large color screen displays all your fitness data in an easy-to-read format, keeping you informed and motivated throughout your workouts.

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