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The Playpens Exercise Breathable Portable Hamster Cage receives rave reviews on Amazon.ca, with customers praising its spacious design that allows hamsters to move around comfortably. The portability of the cage is also noted as a major plus, making it easy to transport around the house or while traveling. Users appreciate the durable and well-made materials used in the cage, ensuring the safety of their pets.

Many customers also highlight the breathability of the cage, noting that it provides proper air circulation for their hamsters. The easy assembly process is another feature that is praised by users, with many finding it simple to set up without the need for tools. The practical design of the cage, including easy access doors and removable panels for cleaning, is also well-received as it makes maintenance hassle-free.

Ensure your hamsters have room to roam with this breathable and portable playpen

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The versatility of the playpen is another aspect that customers appreciate, with many using it for other small pets like mice, gerbils, and birds. The adjustable panels allow for customization to accommodate various pet sizes and preferences, adding to the overall value for money that the playpen provides. The durability of the materials is frequently mentioned, with users expressing confidence in the longevity of the cage.

While some reviewers mention concerns about smaller pets potentially escaping through the bars, this issue can be easily mitigated with additional mesh or barriers. Overall, customers are satisfied with the quality and functionality of the playpen, with many recommending it to fellow small pet owners. The positive feedback underscores the appeal of the Playpens Exercise Breathable Portable Hamster Cage as a practical and versatile enclosure choice for small pets.

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This playpen is perfect for small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small animals. It's made of breathable mesh fabric, providing a comfortable and safe space for pets to play and exercise in. The playpen is lightweight, portable, and easy to move indoors or outdoors. When not in use, it can be folded down for compact storage.

The playpen comes with a zippered top cover to prevent pets from escaping while outdoors and to protect them from potential predators. It's just the right size for small pets, giving them enough room to move around freely. The durable mesh fabric keeps them safely contained while still allowing them to see outside and enjoy fresh air. Setting up the playpen is a breeze, as no tools are required.

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