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The VTech VM819 Baby Monitor has received a variety of reviews from customers on Amazon, both positive and negative. Many customers were impressed with the monitor's high-quality audio and video, which allowed them to easily keep an eye and ear on their baby from a distance. They particularly appreciated the convenient temperature sensor, which enabled them to monitor the baby's room temperature with ease. Some users also found the lullabies and two-way talk feature helpful in soothing their baby back to sleep.

On the flip side, some customers raised concerns about the monitor's battery life, noting that it required frequent charging. Others experienced issues with the monitor's connection and range, mentioning that it would disconnect often or struggle to maintain a connection across rooms. Additionally, a few reviewers felt that the night vision quality could be improved, as it sometimes became blurry or grainy in low-light conditions.

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Overall, despite these challenges, the general sentiment among customers was positive. Many found the VTech VM819 Baby Monitor to be user-friendly and reliable, making it a valuable tool for monitoring their baby's well-being while they slept or played in another room. Features such as temperature monitoring and lullabies were appreciated for providing added peace of mind and comfort.

Although there were some drawbacks like battery life and connection issues, customers considered the monitor a practical and convenient device for keeping tabs on their little one. Many also praised its affordability compared to similar baby monitors on the market. Ultimately, the VTech VM819 Baby Monitor received generally favorable reviews for its performance and features.

What does VTech have to say about their product?

The VTech VM819 Baby Monitor is a top-notch monitoring system that gives parents peace of mind as they keep an eye on their little ones. With a high-resolution 5-inch LCD screen providing clear video of the nursery, parents can easily see what their baby is up to. What makes this monitor stand out is its motorized pan and tilt feature, allowing parents to adjust the camera's view remotely for complete coverage of the room.

One of the key features of the VTech VM819 Baby Monitor is its built-in temperature sensor, displaying the nursery temperature on the parent unit. This feature ensures that parents can monitor the room environment to make sure their baby is comfortable. The parent unit also includes a two-way talk-back intercom feature, letting parents soothe their baby from another room.

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In conclusion, the VTech VM819 Baby Monitor is a user-friendly system with excellent features that help parents ensure their baby's safety and comfort. With its high-quality video, temperature monitoring, two-way intercom, and other useful features, this monitor offers a reliable solution for parents to monitor their little one day and night.

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