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The reviews for the Amazon Basics Breathable Dog Crate Cover are mainly positive, with customers expressing satisfaction with the quality and functionality of the product. Many users like the breathable mesh panels that provide proper airflow and privacy for their pets. They find the cover easy to install and durable, with some mentioning that it has held up well over time. Customers appreciate the design and fit of the cover, finding it both attractive and practical.

Several customers have noted that the cover helps reduce their pets' anxiety by creating a secure and cozy space. It effectively blocks out light and noise, making it suitable for pets who are sensitive to their surroundings. Users find the cover versatile and use it for various purposes, such as during travel or to create a den-like environment at home.

Amazon Basics Cover for Metal Dog Crate, 36-Inch, Black

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While most reviews are positive, some customers have mentioned issues with the cover's sizing, indicating it may not fit certain crates properly. This has been frustrating for some users as it hampers the cover's ability to provide adequate coverage and privacy for their pets. A few reviewers have also pointed out that the zippers on the cover could be sturdier, as some have experienced them breaking or wearing out over time.

Overall, the Amazon Basics Breathable Dog Crate Cover is well-regarded for its functionality, design, and quality. Customers appreciate the comfort and security it offers their pets, as well as its ability to create a calming atmosphere. Despite concerns about sizing and zipper durability, most users find the cover to be a valuable addition to their pet care routine. If you are looking for a breathable and versatile crate cover for your furry friend, this product comes recommended based on positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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The Amazon Basics Breathable Dog Crate Cover offers a cozy and secure space for pets in their crate. Tailored to fit 36-inch crates, this cover is constructed from durable polyester with mesh panels for ventilation and visibility. It provides a den-like environment that helps pets feel safe and relaxed while inside the crate.

The breathable design of the cover helps regulate the temperature within the crate, ensuring pets are comfortable. The mesh panels allow pet owners to check on their furry friends without having to completely remove the cover. Functionality meets style with its sleek design that complements any home decor. Easy to install and remove, this cover is convenient for crate training and creating a comfortable space for pets.

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