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The Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls are receiving a mix of reviews from customers on Amazon. Some customers praise the dolls for their adorable design, saying that they are great for young children and the packaging is cute. Other customers appreciate the quality of the dolls and the surprise element that comes with unboxing each one. The limited edition aspect of the dolls also adds to their appeal for many customers, who enjoy collecting them as keepsakes.

One common complaint among reviewers is the lack of variety in the dolls, with some customers receiving duplicate dolls in their orders. This has left some customers feeling disappointed with their purchase and wanting more diversity in the selection of dolls. Another issue raised by some customers is the high price of the dolls, with some feeling that they are overpriced for what they are. Customers also mention that the dolls' accessories are sometimes missing or arrive damaged, leading to frustration.

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L.O.L. Surprise! Lil Sisters- with Collectible Doll, 5 Surprises, Mini Ball, Limited Edition Dolls- Great Gift for Girls Age 4+

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Many customers mention that the Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls make a great gift for young children, with their colorful packaging and fun surprises adding to the excitement of receiving them. The dolls are also praised for being easy to play with and providing hours of entertainment for kids. The fact that the dolls are collectible adds to their appeal, as some customers enjoy trying to collect them all.

Customers appreciate the attention to detail in the design of the dolls, noting that the clothes and accessories are well-made and add to the overall charm of the dolls. The dolls' miniature size is also mentioned as a positive aspect, making them easy to transport and play with on the go. The customer reviews overall indicate that the Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls are a popular choice among children and collectors alike, despite some minor complaints about duplicates and pricing.

What does L.O.L. Surprise! have to say about their product?

The Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls is a set of five surprise dolls that comes with over 70 surprises to unwrap. These dolls are designed to appeal to children who enjoy the thrill of unwrapping surprises and discovering hidden treasures within each layer. Each doll in the set has a unique style and theme, providing kids with a diverse array of characters to collect and play with. The set is marketed as a limited edition release, adding an element of exclusivity to the collection.

The Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls set includes surprises such as stickers, accessories, charms, clothing pieces, and even a pair of shoes. As children unwrap each surprise, they can mix and match the clothing and accessories to create different looks for their dolls. This feature encourages creativity and imaginative play, as kids can come up with unique combinations and outfits for their dolls. The set also includes a collectible poster that showcases all the dolls in the series, allowing kids to track which ones they have collected and which ones they still need to complete their collection.

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Overall, the Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls set is designed to provide children with an engaging and interactive play experience. The combination of surprises, collectible dolls, mix-and-match clothing, and vibrant designs offers kids a fun and imaginative way to play. The limited edition nature of the set adds a collectible aspect to the dolls, making them desirable items for young collectors. With its focus on creativity, storytelling, and surprise, the Surprise Sisters Collectible Dolls set is sure to appeal to kids who enjoy collectible toys and unboxing experiences.

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