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The Mauboussin Parfum Fougère Modern Fragrance has received predominantly positive reviews on Amazon.se, with customers praising its contemporary and distinct scent. Many reviewers have commended the perfume for its long-lasting quality, noting that it stays on for hours without needing frequent reapplication. Customers also appreciate the versatility of the scent, finding it suitable for both casual and formal occasions, making it a great option for everyday wear.

Numerous reviewers have specifically highlighted the sophisticated and masculine woody and musky notes of Mauboussin Fougère, describing it as an elegant fragrance perfect for those who prefer a refined scent. Some customers have mentioned receiving compliments when wearing this perfume, with others expressing admiration for its unique aroma. This positive feedback suggests that the fragrance is well-liked by those who encounter it.

Mauboussin - Eau de Parfum Homme - Pour Lui - Fougère & Modern Fragrance - 100 ml

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In terms of packaging, many customers admire the bottle's stylish and elegant design, finding it luxurious and appealing for gifting purposes. The overall aesthetic of the product seems to enhance customers' satisfaction with their purchase. Additionally, the price point of the perfume is generally viewed as reasonable, considering its quality and long-lasting nature.

While the majority of reviews are positive, some customers have mentioned that the scent may be too strong for their liking or may not suit their body chemistry well. A few reviewers also note that the fragrance may not be ideal for those who prefer lighter scents. However, these negative comments appear to be in the minority, with most customers expressing their appreciation for Mauboussin Fougère as a well-liked fragrance on Amazon.se.

Overall, the reviews for Mauboussin Parfum Fougère Modern Fragrance indicate that it is a popular choice among customers seeking a modern and sophisticated scent with lasting power. The positive feedback on its versatility, packaging, and price point make it a recommendable option for those in search of a unique and masculine perfume.

What does Mauboussin have to say about their product?

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Mauboussin Parfum Fougère is a contemporary fragrance for men that can be easily found on Amazon Sweden. This perfume is made for those who enjoy a fresh and classy scent. Belonging to the Fougère family, this fragrance typically contains notes of lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin. The goal of Mauboussin Parfum Fougère is to cater to individuals who desire a timeless yet modern fragrance that gives off an air of sophistication and elegance. Perfect for both formal events and daily wear, this scent offers versatility for any occasion.

The top notes of Mauboussin Parfum Fougère introduce a refreshing combination of bergamot and zesty lemon. These citrusy scents provide a revitalizing and energizing start to the fragrance. Transitioning into the heart notes, a mix of lavender and aromatic geranium emerges, adding depth and refinement to the overall composition. This blend of floral elements creates a harmonious balance between freshness and complexity. As the scent settles, the base notes of warm sandalwood and earthy vetiver come forth, enhancing the longevity and richness of the fragrance.

Mauboussin Parfum Fougère comes in a sleek and stylish bottle that mirrors the sophistication of the scent inside. The design of the packaging is contemporary yet timeless, making it a chic addition to any fragrance collection. Available as a 100ml eau de parfum, this perfume ensures long-lasting wear without the need for frequent reapplications. The high concentration of perfume oil in this formula also contributes to the lasting power and intensity of the fragrance.

Customers who have experienced Mauboussin Parfum Fougère commend its sophisticated and masculine aroma. The seamless fusion of citrus, floral, and woody notes is highlighted as a standout feature, creating a versatile and well-rounded fragrance. The lasting power and projection of the perfume are also praised, ensuring that the scent lingers throughout the day without overwhelming the senses. Overall, Mauboussin Parfum Fougère is described as a classic yet modern fragrance suitable for various occasions and preferences.

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