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The reviews for DianSung vacuum cleaner accessories on Amazon.fr are generally positive, with customers praising the compatibility of the accessories with various vacuum models and their easy installation, making them convenient to use. The quality of the materials is also highly rated, with users noting the durability of the parts and their effectiveness in cleaning.

Many customers appreciate the value for money provided by these accessories, as they are seen as a cost-effective option to replace worn-out or lost vacuum parts. The variety of accessories included in the set is another positive aspect, allowing for versatile cleaning options for different surfaces and areas in the home. Users find that the accessories are efficient in picking up dirt and dust, improving the overall performance of their vacuum cleaners.

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DianSung Brosse à rouleau + filtre accessoires pour aspirateur sec et humide pour Dreame H12 Pro / H12 Dual, pièces de rechange 2 rouleaux de brosse + 3 filtres + 1 brosse de nettoyage

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Some reviewers mention issues with the fit of the accessories on certain vacuum models, which can lead to compatibility problems. However, most customers find ways to work around this issue and still make use of the accessories effectively. The customer service provided by DianSung is often commended for being responsive and helpful in addressing any concerns or problems raised by users.

Overall, customers are pleased with the performance and quality of the DianSung vacuum cleaner accessories, stating that they offer good value for money. The convenience of having a variety of accessories in one set is a key selling point for many users, who find them essential for maintaining a clean and tidy home. Despite some minor compatibility issues, the majority of reviewers recommend these accessories to others in search of reliable and affordable vacuum cleaner parts.

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Le kit d'accessoires de remplacement pour aspirateur fabriqué par DianSung est un indispensable pour les propriétaires d'aspirateurs Eufy RoboVac 11S, 30, 15C et 12. Composé de 4 brosses latérales, 3 filtres, 1 brosse principale, 1 outil de nettoyage et 1 outil de coupe, ces pièces sont conçues avec des matériaux de qualité supérieure pour garantir des performances optimales et une durabilité exceptionnelle.

Les brosses latérales incluses sont spécialement conçues pour nettoyer les coins et les bords sans endommager les meubles, assurant ainsi un nettoyage complet de votre maison. Les filtres de remplacement captent efficacement la poussière, la saleté et les allergènes, contribuant ainsi à maintenir un environnement intérieur sain et propre. La brosse principale est idéale pour le nettoyage en profondeur des sols durs et des tapis, assurant un résultat impeccable.

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