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The OREI HDMI Switch with Audio Extraction has garnered a range of feedback from customers on Amazon, with opinions being divided. Some users commended the device for its user-friendly interface, noting that it seamlessly switches between multiple HDMI sources without any hitches. Many customers were impressed with its audio extraction feature, which allows for greater versatility in their home entertainment systems. The compact size and stylish design of the switch were also highlighted as positive aspects by several reviewers.

On the flip side, there were some complaints about the build quality of the HDMI switch, with a few users reporting malfunctions shortly after purchase. Issues with the remote control's responsiveness were also cited, impacting the overall user experience for some. There were instances where the audio extraction function did not meet expectations, with users encountering problems like audio delay or subpar sound quality.

OREI 4K HDMI 4x1 Switch with Audio Extraction - HDMI 2.0 & HDCP 2.2 compliant. ARC support and RS-232 control - with IR Remote (UHDS-401A)

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However, despite the mixed reviews, the majority of customers seemed content with their purchase of the OREI HDMI Switch. Many found the price point to be reasonable, considering the features it offers. Users appreciated how the switch simplified their home entertainment setup by eliminating the need for multiple HDMI cables and switches.

Several customers noted the switch's compatibility with various devices, such as gaming consoles, streaming devices, and cable boxes. The device was also praised for its support of different audio formats, enhancing the viewing experience for users. Overall, the OREI HDMI Switch with Audio Extraction appears to be a popular choice among consumers seeking a convenient and budget-friendly solution for managing multiple HDMI sources with audio extraction capabilities.

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The OREI HDMI Switch with Audio Extraction is a versatile and high-quality device that allows users to switch between multiple HDMI sources while also extracting audio for an enhanced audio experience. This HDMI switch comes equipped with three HDMI inputs, one HDMI output, and a dedicated audio output port. It supports up to 4K resolution at 60Hz, providing crisp and clear video quality. The switch also includes an infrared remote control for convenient operation from a distance, making it user-friendly.

One of the remarkable features of the OREI HDMI Switch is its ability to extract audio separately from the HDMI input, allowing users to connect their audio system directly to the switch for a more immersive audio experience. This feature supports various audio formats such as PCM, Dolby, and DTS, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio devices. The audio extraction capability is perfect for users looking to elevate their viewing experience with superior sound quality.

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