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The SONOFF MINIR4 Extreme Wireless Switch has been well-received by customers on Amazon, with many praising its compact size and simple installation process. Users have found the device easy to set up with the included app and have appreciated its seamless connection to Wi-Fi networks. Some reviewers have mentioned that the switch worked flawlessly right out of the box, making it a hassle-free addition to their smart home setup.

Customers have also highlighted the reliability of the SONOFF MINIR4, noting its consistent and stable performance over time. Many users have reported using the device for months without any issues, relying on it to control their home appliances remotely. The switch's ability to handle high power loads without compromising performance has also been a key selling point for some users.

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The functionality of the SONOFF MINIR4 has impressed customers as well. Many have praised the timer and scheduling features, which allow them to automate their devices and save energy. The switch's compatibility with voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Home has added convenience for users, making it easier to operate their smart devices.

However, some reviewers have pointed out limitations of the SONOFF MINIR4. A few users have found the setup process to be somewhat complicated, requiring patience to connect the device to their network. Others have mentioned issues with the user interface of the app, noting that it could be improved for better usability and responsiveness.

Overall, the SONOFF MINIR4 Extreme Wireless Switch is a popular choice among customers seeking a reliable and versatile smart home device. Despite some minor drawbacks, the switch has received positive reviews for its performance, functionality, and ease of use.

What does SONOFF have to say about their product?

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The SONOFF MINIR4 is a cutting-edge wireless switch that enhances smart home automation with its compact design and powerful features. It allows users to remotely control their home appliances through the eWeLink app on their smartphones, providing convenience and flexibility in managing household devices. With its reliable performance and user-friendly interface, the switch seamlessly integrates into existing home automation systems, enabling users to schedule on/off times, monitor energy usage, and create custom scenes to optimize their smart homes.

This sleek and discreet switch can be effortlessly installed behind furniture or appliances, ensuring a clutter-free and visually appealing home environment. Despite its compact size, the SONOFF MINIR4 delivers strong wireless connectivity and signal penetration, guaranteeing stable control over a wide range of devices. Additionally, it is compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing users to effortlessly control their appliances using simple voice commands.

Supporting a variety of home appliances such as lights, fans, heaters, and more, the SONOFF MINIR4 is a versatile solution for home automation enthusiasts. Setting up the switch is quick and easy, and it can be seamlessly connected to the home Wi-Fi network for remote access from anywhere in the world. Users can also share access to the switch with family members or friends, enabling collaborative control over the same devices and maximizing the benefits of smart home automation.

With its intuitive controls and cross-platform compatibility, the SONOFF MINIR4 offers a hassle-free way to upgrade any home into a smart home. Whether using iOS or Android devices, users can effortlessly access and manage their devices, enhancing their living spaces with modern technology. Overall, the SONOFF MINIR4 is a reliable and feature-rich wireless switch that brings convenience, efficiency, and sophistication to any home automation setup.

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