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Customers who purchased the Proofing Protector Silicone Wall Protectors were generally happy with their purchase. A common sentiment among reviewers was that the protectors were simple to install and did a great job of safeguarding walls from damage caused by door knobs and handles. The pre-taped design was a favorite feature, as it made installation quick and hassle-free. Customers also appreciated the protectors' discreet and low-profile design, which seamlessly blended with their home decor.

Many reviewers praised the durability of the silicone material used in the protectors, noting that it remained in good condition over time without becoming discolored or damaged easily. The affordability of the product was also a highlight for some, as they felt it offered good value compared to similar wall protectors available. Customers noted that the protectors stayed securely in place after installation, with no issues of peeling or falling off.

Baby Proofing, Edge Protector Strip Clear, Silicone Soft Corner Protectors with Upgraded Pre-Taped Strong Adhesive, 6.6ft(2M) Edge Protectors for Sharp Corners of Cabinets, Tables, Drawers

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Several customers mentioned the strong adhesive on the pre-taped protectors, which held up well even in high-traffic areas. However, some users found it challenging to remove the protectors without leaving residue on the walls. A few customers also remarked that the protectors were slightly thinner than expected, raising concerns about their effectiveness in preventing wall damage.

In summary, the Proofing Protector Silicone Wall Protectors received positive reviews for their ease of installation, durability, and affordability. They were praised as a practical and stylish solution for protecting walls from damage. While some users encountered minor issues with adhesive strength and thickness, the majority of customers were satisfied with the product. Overall, the protectors are a reliable choice for those seeking effective wall protection solutions.

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Ensure the safety of your little ones with the 8 PCS Proofing Edge and Corner Guards, designed to protect babies and toddlers from potential hazards at home. These soft, durable protectors are made of high-quality silicone and are non-toxic to keep your children safe. They are easy to install with pre-taped 3M adhesive, allowing you to childproof your home quickly and effectively.

The clear and transparent design of the guards blends seamlessly with your home decor, without being obtrusive. They are versatile and can fit different types of edges and corners, such as tables, cabinets, and countertops, ensuring the safety of your child throughout your home.

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Overall, the Proofing Edge and Corner Guards are a practical and effective solution to enhance child safety in your home. With their durable and non-toxic materials, easy installation process, and versatile design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little ones are protected from potential accidents and injuries around the house.

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