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The JOHOUSE Rainbow Colorful Pencil Erasers have garnered a range of opinions from customers on Amazon. Some buyers are pleased with the assortment of colors and the erasers' efficacy in erasing. They find them ideal for smaller hands and useful for schoolwork and art projects. However, other customers have noted that the erasers are smaller than expected and prone to breakage. Some have also complained about the strong and unpleasant scent emitted by the erasers.

Despite the mixed feedback, customers generally find the erasers to be good value for money. Many appreciate the quantity provided in the pack and view them as a fun addition to their stationery collection. Some customers enjoy the vibrant colors of the erasers, which make the erasing process more enjoyable. Nevertheless, there were complaints about the erasers leaving residue on the paper after use.

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Opinions on the durability of the erasers vary among customers. While some find them long-lasting and effective at removing pencil marks without damaging the paper, others have experienced issues such as crumbling or breakage, particularly with heavy usage.

Customers have also shared thoughts on the packaging of the erasers. Some find the plastic container convenient for storage and organization, while others have received damaged or broken packaging. Additionally, there were complaints about the erasers falling out of the container easily, leading to potential loss or misplacement.

In conclusion, the JOHOUSE Rainbow Colorful Pencil Erasers elicit a mix of positive and negative reviews from customers on Amazon. While some appreciate their color variety, value for money, and durability, others have raised concerns about their size, scent, residue, and packaging. Despite the mixed feedback, customers generally find these erasers to be a fun and practical addition to their school or art supplies.

What does JOHOUSE have to say about their product?

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The JOHOUSE Rainbow Colorful Pencil Erasers Set is a delightful pack of fun and charming erasers that come in a variety of shapes and colors, perfect for kids' school supplies or party favors. Made of high-quality rubber material, these erasers are durable and long-lasting, providing efficient erasing without any smudging. Each eraser in the set features a unique design inspired by cute animals like elephants, panda bears, frogs, and more, adding an element of excitement to correcting mistakes.

These compact erasers are easy for kids to handle, making them convenient for use at school, home, or while on-the-go. The assortment of bright colors helps children explore their creativity as they mix and match different shapes and shades while erasing their errors. This eraser set is also perfect for teachers looking to reward students with a fun and practical gift that they can use during class activities or exams.

Containing 48 pieces, the JOHOUSE Rainbow Colorful Pencil Erasers Set offers an ample supply for personal use or for sharing with classmates and friends. These lightweight and portable erasers are easy to carry in pencil cases, backpacks, or pockets. The non-toxic, vibrant-colored erasers are safe for children to use, providing peace of mind to parents and teachers.

Kids will find erasing mistakes to be an enjoyable experience with these animal-inspired erasers, allowing them to choose their favorite design while correcting errors and showcasing their unique personality. Suitable for various occasions such as birthday parties, school events, or as a small token of appreciation, this eraser set offers a perfect blend of functionality and entertainment that kids will love.

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